We are Still Open During the Stay-at-Home Order

We are resuming on-site appointments April 7th. During Ohio’s first Stay-at-Home Order, we decided to take a break from going on-site to customer locations, besides Essential Businesses, providing primarily remote support. We did this even though we believe we could be considered an Essential Business per the Order. However, we are resuming on-site appointments to better help our customers, and to ensure we receive enough business to stay open and operating.

We have made many changes to protect our customers and employees during this pandemic: 

On-Site Service: We can still come inside your home or office for our usual on-site service with us following these safety measures:


  • Applying hand sanitizer before and after on-site appointments.

  • Wearing a cloth face mask, covering our nose and mouth.

  • Keeping a 6-foot physical distance between us and customers when possible—sorry, no handshakes either.

  • Sanitizing what we touch on-site (keyboard, mouse, desk, etc) with clorox wipes.

Contact-Less Pickup and Drop Off at Your Home or Office: We can come grab a computer from you and drop it off to you when we are done, all without risking safety:


  • Good for situations where your computer isn’t starting up correctly or you need help transferring data to a new computer—things that are hard to do remotely.

  • If you don’t want us inside at all, you’ll need to be able to disconnect and re-connect your computer inside your home. We’ll give you a call when we’re on the way and you can put your computer outside your door for us to pick it up, or leave it just inside the door if it’s raining or you’re concerned about theft.

  • If you’re okay with us inside, we can come in just to disconnect and re-connect your computer.

  • When we drop it off, we’ll sanitize the computer with clorox wipes.

Phone and Remote Support: If you don’t want us out at all, we can help without you leaving and without us coming:


  • We can easily walk you through on the phone how to get us connected to your computer so we can see and control your computer from our office.

  • We can troubleshoot and fix most issues this way and can perform general check-ups and tune-ups.

  • You can sit and watch what we are doing on your computer or you can go do something else in your home or office and we’ll call you back when we are done or if we have further questions.

In addition to typical computer support during this pandemic, we can help with new tech things you might be trying. For instance: working remotely, ordering groceries online, and video chatting. If it’s technology-related, we can probably help!

During the last two weeks, we’ve been preparing refurbished PCs, and right now we have 4 in stock and ready to go. These are a cost-effective way to replace an old, slow, or dead computer. All our refurbished computers are checked and cleaned well, and upgraded to a solid state drive (SSD)! We’ll email more details later in the week, or give us a call now if you’re interested.

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Take care and stay safe,


        Eric Geier -  Owner, On Spot Techs


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