Remote Tech Support During the Stay-at-Home Order

Firstly, we hope you and your family are okay and free from the COVID-19 virus. Most of our residential customers are part of the extra vulnerable population. We are thinking of you!

During the Stay at Home Order from the State of Ohio, we are not going on-site to homes. We can only go on-site to Essential Businesses that are still open and operating.

We can still certainly help anyone remotely right now when possible. We can easily walk you through on the phone how to get us connected to your computer so we can see and control your computer. We can troubleshoot and fix most issues this way and can perform general check-ups and tune-ups. You can sit and watch what we are doing on your computer or you can go do something else and we’ll call you back when we are done or if we have further questions.

Please continue to use our services remotely when needed, even if it’s just preventative checkups. On Spot Techs is a small business and would like to continue operating during and after this virus, but we know it will be a struggle. Continuing to use our remote services can have a great impact on our business and employees.

If we’ve helped you in the past, you likely already have the remote program already installed. You’d look for a Get Remote Support shortcut on your desktop, the main screen of Windows where all the icons are. If you don’t see the shortcut, you can click in the lower-left corner of Windows and search for Get Remote Support. You can also look on the program list of the Start Menu and would find it under Instant Housecall. If you still don’t see it, we can easily step you through downloading it from our website.

If you’d like remote support, please call us at 937-315-0286 before starting a remote session so we can schedule you in.

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Take care and stay safe,


        Eric Geier -  Owner, On Spot Techs


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