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Eric Geier, Founder & Owner


On Spot Techs  is a Limited Liability Company founded in February of 2012 by Eric Geier.


On Spot Techs has a storefront and office in Moraine and also provides on-site services in homes and businesses throughout the Dayton and Springfield areas.

Eric Geier, Founder & Owner

Eric Geier brings a wealth of computer and IT expertise to the company with over 20 years of experience. He also founded NoWiresSecurity, which helps businesses secure their wireless networks, and Wi-Fi Surveyors, which provides wireless network design and troubleshooting services for warehouses, offices, and other large venues.  He's also  worked with several national tech support companies  and international consulting firms.


As an author, Eric has written 9 computer & tech books:







Eric also contributes to many computer and IT publications:


















For more about Eric's writing, visit his website at

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