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Wi-Fi Consulting, RF Site Survey, Wi-Fi Design, Wi-Fi Installation
Wi-Fi Services & Consulting


We specialize in wireless networking, offering RF site surveying, wireless network design, WLAN installation, and Wi-Fi security services for private and public Wi-Fi hotspot networks.


We now have a separate website dedicated to our Wi-Fi services:


We can come on-site to perform RF site surveys of buildings or outdoor areas using enterprise-grade Wi-Fi surveying tools, WLAN analyzers, and RF spectrum analyzers. Our written reports and maps can help you understand and visualize your Wi-Fi coverage and any interference.


We can provide a few different types of RF site surveys depending upon your situation:


Pre-installation: Before installing or modifying a wireless network we can scan the airwaves, checking for interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks and other sources of RF interference.

Pre-installation Wi-Fi Site Survey

This aids in designing your wireless network, helping to minimize negative impact of interference on your coverage and performance. If you already have a Wi-Fi network, we can also generate coverage and performance maps to better see what changes are needed.


Post-installation: After a Wi-Fi network installation or modification we can generate maps of Wi-Fi coverage and performance to verify your requirements have been met.

Post-installation RF Site Survey

Check-ups: We can do periodic Wi-Fi site surveys to ensure wireless coverage is still acceptable, neighboring networks or other RF sources aren't interfering, and rogue access points or wireless routers haven't been setup.


We can provide recommendations and configuration of Wi-Fi security solutions as well.


Through our sister company, NoWiresSecurity, you can utilize enterprise-grade Wi-Fi security (802.1X) without having to invest in your own RADIUS server.


NoWiresSecurity, our sister company providing a hosted RADIUS service for 802.1X authentication

Contact us for a quote. We'll evaluate your needs, taking into account the building size, and provide a customized quote.


Unlike many IT providers, we aren’t locked into one equipment brand. We work with a couple different vendors and will choose which to go with based upon your network needs and budget.


We can design your Wi-Fi network, finding optimum access point (AP) locations, wireless channels, and recommend wireless bands.


To get a better visual of your design we can use our tools to produce simulated coverage maps based upon your particular floor plan and building structure, while also taking into account the AP antennas and Wi-Fi devices that will be used.

Simulated Wi-Fi design coverage map

Though it's best we come on-site to perform RF site surveys during the design process, we can also do simulated Wi-Fi design off-site if your budget doesn't permit for a full site survey.


We can physically install the access points (APs) and also run any required Ethernet cables out to the APs. We can also install and configure your wireless controller.

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