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Managed IT Services


Our proactive Managed Services provide your business with the best security, backup, computer monitoring and maintenance, and tech support. We have everything covered.


This allows us to be proactive to prevent issues, ensure up-time, and increase your employee productivity.

IT Services, Network Support, Wi-Fi RF Site Surveys

Each computer you enroll in our Managed Services will receive the following:




  • Included is Small Office Security Endpoint by Bitdefender.

  • Leading security vendor; performance proven in many independent tests.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Windows Servers.

  • Saves you about $30 per year per computer, plus more in monitoring and managing.


Online Backup:


  • Includes unlimited backup of PCs and any servers, remotely monitored and managed.

  • Can setup each PC to backup personal files and documents of each PC to a file server.

  • Encrypted off-site storage ensures data is safe from fire, theft, and local disasters.


Web Content Filtering:


  • We'll automatically block malicious and adult sites.

  • We can optionally block other content categories or specific sites.


Patch/Update Monitoring and Management:


  • Ensures appropriate Windows updates are installed, to increase security.

  • Third-party software, like Java and Adobe, are also monitored and updated.


Monitoring and Maintenance:


  • Monitor crashes, disk space, and other stats to fix issues before they're a problem.

  • Monitor newly installed programs, toolbars, and startup to ensure junk isn’t installed.

  • Automated maintenance, including temp files, Check Disk, and Defrag.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Windows Servers.


Help Desk and Remote Tech Support:


  • Remote support time pooled together with each PC getting 15 minutes per month and servers 30 minutes per month.

  • Remote support time is totaled and can be used for a single PC or for multiple PCs or incidences.

  • If anyone has a question about an error, alert, or other issue, they can message us directly to open a ticket.

  • We’ll respond directly to the user, giving feedback and if necessary, remotely connect or come on-site to help.

  • Reduces time your resident tech spends on problems, so they can do their real job.


Industry averages are around $65 per PC and $120 per Server


Server Pricing:

$99/m or $89/m if paid yearly

Each PC gets 15 minutes remote labor included per month, servers get 30 minutes

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