Eric Geier, our Founder & Owner, writes a Tech Advice column for the Cox Media newspapers: Dayton Daily News, Springfield News Sun, and the Journal-News.


See it in the Life section published every other Monday, or checkout this listing of past articles:

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Making Windows 10 better and more familiar- 9/9/19

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Backing up your computer and mobile devices - 7/15/19

Warning signs that your computer has malware - 7/1/19

How to keep your computer cool this summer - 6/17/19

Some computer do’s and don’ts to follow - 6/3/19

When you should get professional computer help - 5/6/19

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Preparing your computer for the upcoming storm season - 3/25/19

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Resolutions for your tech life in the coming year - 12/31/18

Understanding the truth: Here are the top myths about computers - 12/17/18

Tips to avoid computer viruses and scams - 12/3/18

8 things to consider when you do your tech shopping - 11/19/18

Holding off on upgrading operating system? Windows 10 upgrade still free - 11/5/18

Need to check your internet speed? Here’s how - 10/8/18

Thinking of buying a new computer? Consider these tips - 9/10/18


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