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Smartphone and tablet apps to check out

By Eric Geier (Our Founder & Owner)

Originally published by Cox Media Group on 10/19/20

If you have a smartphone or tablet (such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android), there are thousands of apps out there for you to try. It can be overwhelming to wade through them all, but here I share a couple of my favorites for you to consider:


Bible: There are many Bible apps out there but one of the most popular is from YouVersion.

You can easily switch between the different versions, like NIV and ESV. Some versions also have audio so you can listen to scripture in addition to reading. You can also make digital bookmarks, easily share scripture, join reading plans, and even view the sermons of some local churches.

Endomondo: This is a free app to help you track workouts. I personally use it to track my bicycling around the neighborhood and on the Dayton-area bike paths. It tracks distance, charts out my exact path on a map, gives speed and lap times, and estimates the calories burned. You can also use the app for walking/ running and many other sports and activities. You can go back and view your history, join challenges with other users, or upgrade to the paid app for training plans and other advanced features.

GoodRX: This provides discounts on prescription drugs you can buy at various local pharmacies. Though you can’t use the discounts along with your insurance, the cash prices available via GoodRX may be cheaper than what you pay via your insurance.

Groovebook: This app is for a photo printing subscription service.

For a low price of $3.99 a month, you can select up to 100 photos to be printed and mailed to you in a 4x6 photo book every month. The gotcha is that if you miss the monthly deadline, you lose out on that month’s photo book. I saw this service pitched to investors on ABC’s Shark Tank show a couple years ago.

It’s a really neat service that helps you get all those digital photos from your phone to physical copies you can enjoy in the book years later or put into traditional frames or photo albums.

Informed Delivery: This is an app for a service offered by the United States Postal Service that lets you preview scanned images of your letter-sized mail and also track packages.

You can sign up for email alerts so you know early in the morning what should be coming later that day. I find this very convenient because I still receive some customer checks in the mail. I can also refer back to the history to help identify if I ever think there are any mailbox theft issues.

LeafSnap: This app lets you take a photo (or select a prior photo) of a leaf, flower, fruit, or bark and helps you identify it. They say it can currently recognize 90% of all known species of plants and trees. Plus, you’ll learn more about the plants you look up.

Medisafe: If you take a few or more different medications, consider a pill tracking app like this. It serves as a pill and prescription reminder and alarm, plus a doctor appointment manager and calendar.

It also has a family and caregiver feature so someone else can help track them. You can also track health measurements and even share with doctors.

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