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Residential Service Plans


We provide you with the best security, unlimited backup, computer monitoring, and maintenance.

IT Services, Network Support, Wi-Fi RF Site Surveys

Each computer you enroll in our Managed Services will receive the following:




  • Included is Small Office Security Endpoint by Bitdefender.

  • Leading security vendor; performance proven in many independent tests.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Windows Servers.

  • Saves you about $30 per year per computer, plus more in monitoring and managing.


Unlimited Online Backup:


  • Securely backs up the personal files and documents of each PC and Server.

  • Encrypted off-site storage ensures data is safe from fire, theft, and local disasters.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux & Windows Servers.

  • Saves you $10+ per computer, and much more if you count data loss.


Web Content Filtering:


  • We'll automatically block malicious and adult sites.

  • We can optionally block other content categories or specific sites.


Patch/Update Monitoring and Management:


  • Ensures appropriate Windows updates are installed, to increase security.

  • Third-party software, like Java and Adobe, are also monitored and updated.

  • We are alerted of missing updates and can initiate their install remotely.


Monitoring and Maintenance:


  • Monitor crashes, disk space, and other stats to fix issues before they're a problem.

  • Monitor newly installed programs, toolbars, and startup to ensure junk isn’t installed.

  • Automated maintenance, including temp files, Check Disk, and Defrag.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Windows Servers.


Tech Support Help Desk:


  • If anyone has a question about an error, alert, or other computer issue, they can message us directly along with a screen shot simply by pressing F8.

  • We’ll respond directly via phone or email to the user, giving feedback and if necessary, remotely connect or come on-site to help.

  • Reduces time your resident tech spends on problems, so they can do their real job.


Remote Labor Included:


  • Each PC gets half hour of remote labor per month, servers get one hour.

  • Time will be totaled and can be used for single PC or incidence if needed.

  • Saves you $42.50 per PC, $85 per Server, plus more if you count less productivity loss.


Transition to Standard Accounts:


  • During initial cleanup of PCs, we can convert users to Standard Windows accounts.

  • Prevents users from accidentally installing viruses, malware, and junk.

  • Though the user can’t install programs or updates, we monitor for and apply updates.


Yearly Cleanup of PCs:


  • We’ll come on-site to clean-up, speed-up, and run virus/malware scans.

  • Your PCs will perform better, instantly increasing the productivity of each employee.

  • Saves you about $150 per computer each year in labor charges, and potentially hundreds more from prevented disasters and wasted time.


Industry averages are around $65 per PC and $120 per Server


Each PC gets Half-Hour Remote Labor Per Month

Each Server gets One-Hour Remote Labor Per Month


Server Pricing:

$99/m or $82.50/m if paid yearly


Already have backup? Get $5 off per PC

Already have antivirus? Get $1 off per PC

Already have antimalware? Get $1 off per PC

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