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Work @ Home Solutions


We can help your employees work on the computer at home, to help stop the spread of COVID-19! Or to prepare in case of a similar disaster in the future.

We can setup remote access to your office Network via VPN and your Computers via Remote Desktop. 


Install Cloud-based Remote Desktop Software:

Employees can see and control their office computer from their home PC. They’d have the exact same desktop, files, software, and network access as they would at the office.

This doesn’t require any additional hardware, but does require a yearly or monthly subscription and some software installed onto each computer.

Enable VPN Access into the Work Network and then Remote Desktop:

Employees would connect to the work network via VPN (virtual private network) from their home PC, and then could remote into their work computer. Just like the above solution, the Remote Desktop allows them to see and control their office computer, giving them the same desktop, files, software, and network access.

This requires that the work router, firewall, or NAS has a VPN server—which we can help you get if you don’t already have—but this doesn’t usually require any ongoing subscription costs.

Employees Take their Work Computers Home:

This isn’t easy if employees have desktop PCs at work since they have to lug around the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. But if employees had laptops, they could easily take them home.


Either way, you should ensure they have access to any central company files. If you have VPN capability (as discussed above) you could use that or you could look at sharing files among employees using cloud-based storage.

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