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Parts & Computers


We sell many parts and computers, in stock at our Moraine Storefront and also carried by our on-site techs going to homes and businesses.

Shop with us Without Credit via Acima Leasing!

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  • Video/Graphics Cards

  • Desktop Power Supplies

  • Laptop Universal Chargers

  • Surge Protectors

  • Wireless Dual-band Routers

  • Wireless Dual-band Adapters

  • Wi-Fi Extenders

  • Powerline Ethernet Extenders

  • Ethernet Cables

  • USB Hubs + USB SD Card Readers

We typically carry the following parts:

  • Wireless Keyboards / Mouse

  • High-Contrast Keyboards

  • Backlit Keyboards

  • USB Flash Drives

  • External Backup Drives

  • External CD/DVD-RW Drives

  • Computer Speakers

  • Computer Webcams

  • Printer Cables

  • HDMI & VGA Monitor Cables


We offer 4 custom PC options with new reliable hardware:

Why Buy From Us
  • Windows 11 initial setup is already completed; it’s ready-to-go out of the box.

  • Free personal delivery; no labor charge if we just drop it off. However, we can certainly help hookup and transfer files/programs over from an old PC for our usual hourly charge.

  • No unnecessary programs, junk, and bloatware like you get with Dell, HP, and other brands.

  • Upgrading it in the future is much easier than with store-bought PCs.

  • 2-year warranty includes parts and labor if there’s any hardware issues.


​Although its nearly impossible to have a 100%

"Made in the USA" computer, the new desktop PCs we sell are assembled right here in our local office!

  • ​Upgrade 240GB SSD to...​

    • 480GB​ $24.99

    • 1TB​ $49.99

  • Upgrade 500GB SSD to 1TB $49.99

  • 22" LCD Monitor (HDMI/VGA) $119.99

  • 24" LCD Monitor (HDMI/VGA) $149.99

  • 27" LCD Monitor (HDMI/VGA) $179.99

  • 32" Curved LCD Monitor (HDMI/VGA) $299.99

Computer Accessories
  • Basic Computer Speakers $19.99

  • Speakers with Sub-woofer $79.99

  • 1TB USB Backup Hard Drive $69.99

  • 3.5 Floppy External Drive $29.99

  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse $39.99

  • Wired Large Print Backlit Keyboard $49.99

  • 7-Outlet Surge Protector $29.99


We currently offer the following new laptops:

  • Upgrade SSD to 1TB​ $79.99

Laptop Accessories
  • Single Surge Protector: $12.99

  • Carrying Bag $29.99

  • Wireless Mouse $22.99

  • USB Hub $24.99

  • External CD/DVD-RW $39.99


We provide professionally refurbished computers. We carefully inspect and test all parts and include a 1-year hardware warranty! All refurbished computers include a new Solid State Drive (SSD) to help increase performance and life of the computer.

Here's a listing of our current inventory:

REFURBISHED COMPUTERS with CloudReady (like Chrome OS)

We usually have desktops and laptops that previously came with Windows that we've converted to CloudReady (which is very similar to Chrome OS) available for $175 - $225.

  • These are a great economical option if you're looking for a secondary computer.

  • It's basically just the Chrome web browser, so it's light-weight and runs well on lower-end computers.

  • Many of the cheaper official Chromebooks have slower eMMC storage (32 - 64GB), whereas we use utilize full 120GB Solid State Drives (SSDs) that are faster and have more capacity.

  • Most of the official Chromebooks do not include an optical drive (CD/DVD Player or Burner), whereas ours do.

  • CloudReady is very similar to Chrome OS that comes on Chromebooks, expect: You cannot download or install Android apps from the Google Play Store, like with the full Chrome OS that only comes on official Chromebooks. But you can install the Chrome extensions and Chrome apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Though the exact specs vary, these professionally refurbished computers usually have:

  • Processor ranking in the 500 - 1,200 range

  • 4GB - 8GB of RAM

  • NEW 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • Fresh copy of CloudReady installed

We carefully inspect and test all parts and include a 1-year limited warranty!

Give us a call to check our current inventory!


New Custom PCs, New Laptops, New AIOs and New Parts & Accessories: 2-Year Hardware Warranty (Most competitors offer only 1 year)

Refurbished Computers: 1-Year Hardware Warranty (Most competitors offer only 30 - 90 days)

This hardware warranty from us covers the replacement part and the labor to replace for any parts that fail naturally within the warranty period, like failed hard drives or motherboards. Excluded are normal wear items like laptop batteries or accidental damage like cracked screens. The labor includes on-site visits if needed and our typical service processes. You won't have to ship off your computer for weeks like you might have to when dealing with the big-box stores or directly with the manufacturer's warranty.

For further peace of mind, we offer warranty extensions for all our computers:

1 Year Extended $99.99 (so 3 years total coverage for new computers, or 2 years for refurbished)

2 Year Extended $149.99 (so 4 years total coverage for new computers, or 3 years for refurbished)


In most cases, you get what you pay for when it comes to buying or upgrading a computer. Though there are new computers in-stores and online as low as $200, they'll perform much slower and won't last as long. 


Typically, these cheaper computers also lack the ability to upgrade in the future: processor soldered onto the motherboard, no PCI slots, too few USB ports.


These cheaper computers usually have a processor rank around 1,500 or less, per

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