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Mobile Device Repair


In our shop we perform phone & tablet repairs:

  • Screen Replacements

  • Battery Replacements

  • Charger Port Cleaning & Replacements


Our typical pricing on smartphone repairs for both Apple iPhones and Android-based devices:

Phone Screen Replacements: $75 plus parts

Phone Battery Replacements: $100 plus parts

Phone Charger Port Replacements: $100 plus parts

Our typical pricing on tablet repairs for both Apple iPads and Android-based devices:

Tablet Screen Replacements: $150 plus parts

Tablet Battery Replacements: $150 plus parts

Tablet Charger Port Replacements: $150 plus parts

Our regular hourly rates apply to general help with phones & tablets, like setup, transfers, checkups, and troubleshooting.

If you buy our 4-Hour Block of Time to save money in the long-run, we deduct the equivalent amount of time for the mobile repair. The block time can used for labor on computer services and mobile repair.


Here's our typical phone and tablet repair process:

  • Bring your device into the shop for us to look it over.

  • Take your device back home or leave with us.

  • We'll either give you a quote in-store, or give you a call later.

  • You pay for the part in-store or over the phone, and we'll order it.

  • We'll get the part within 1 - 3 business days.

  • If you took your device back home, we'll schedule a time for you to come in for us to fix it.

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