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Plenty of reasons to upgrade to Windows 11

By Eric Geier (Our Founder & Owner)

Originally published by Cox Media Group on 2/7/22

There are many reasons to upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11, released back in October 2021. If your current computer is running Windows 10, I would say it’s still an optional upgrade, but I suggest it for most home users. However, I don’t suggest you do the upgrade yourself, like Microsoft pushes you into. I suggest contacting a computer tech and having them do a clean upgrade to Windows 11, so you can enjoy the benefits:

Offers a more modern look and feel: Right away you’ll notice changes to the bottom task bar of Windows 11. The icons are centered, and there are some new icons. Clicking around, you’ll find some visual improvements to windows and menus. Some power users may complain of the changes, but I feel the changes are good for most average users.

Improved security better protects your data: Most computer security systems have been software-based in the past. Microsoft improves again there, but also makes one of the biggest hardware-based security improvements with Windows 11. It by default requires more secure hardware than with past Windows versions to help prevent malware attacks.

Performance enhancements help make it faster: Tweaks to memory management in Windows 11 can make your computer seem faster as it prioritizes apps and processes. There’s improvements to even the speed at which your computer wakes from sleep mode as well.

Provides a great time to upgrade to a faster drive: Having a computer tech do a clean upgrade to Windows 11 also is a great time to upgrade the hard drive of the computer if it still has a traditional spinning drive. Upgrading to a solid state drive will significantly help increase the speed and performance of the computer. This, along with installing a fresh copy of Windows 11, will add more life to the computer.

Windows 11 Updates are better: The Windows Updates Microsoft releases are typically smaller and faster than with prior Windows versions. For the first time ever, they also give you an estimated time to apply the update before you shutdown or reboot your computer, so you can plan accordingly.

Android app support coming soon: In the near future, Microsoft will add the ability to install and run Android-based apps in Windows 11. This means you’ll be able to install the same (or similar) apps you’re used to on your phone or tablet.

It will greatly expand the amount of new modern apps that are provided in the Microsoft Store.

If you have Windows 10, Microsoft might be bugging you about upgrading to Windows 11. But remember, I suggest having a computer tech perform what is called a clean upgrade to Windows 11 rather than you do the upgrade yourself. This is where a tech backs up your data, wipes all the data from the hard drive, installs a fresh clean copy of Windows 11, and then restores your data.

This requires more effort, but provides a much better upgrade and ensures longterm stability down the road.

Plus, this provides a good refresh of the computer.

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